Diari Kenangan Terindah

Untuk Tetamu Yang Sudi Singgah

Hari ini,

aku sempat menjenguk pantai akal yang sarat maklumat di dadanya aku akan pastikan sejarah terus mengalir tanpa noktah namun salam penghargaan tetap kukirimkan buat tamu sulung yang sudi singgah.

Terima kasih dan salam penuh hormat (al-Misri)

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Sep 5, 2009


Becoming a boss means taking high responsibility, responsible in doing the job to be succeed, in educating & progressing the staffs’ work performance, in taking care of working environment, in making relationship with other professional related to the job, also in improving his/her own knowledge and skill.

As a boss in some big company, which is not run by him/herself, the boss has other boss in his/her top level. So can be imagined that the boss isn’t only take his/her decision alone but he/she must ask permission with the boss’ boss. There he/she should manage a relationship. There he/she should get some stress over the job.

Let me tell you in clear way, as a middle level, boss can easily get stress. He/she would get 2-way direction of pressure. He/she should satisfy and give attention for both the employer and the employee. The boss actually have legal rights to take decision and action as he/she is being paid for that job and it is in his/her job description list. But it won’t always happen that simple, since the boss has to understand that the company isn’t belong to them and the employer which sometimes fussy would like to get involve in the daily operation as well.

That condition can give high tense and end-up in stress. If the boss has been filled with stress management in advance, he/she should know what medication can be taken for that situation, otherwise they stuck and become yes-man furthermore can caused dissatisfaction among the employee/staffs, why? You should bear in mind the weak can lost, who is employee anyway? They are the victim. But then still the stress is in the boss hand, because if the employee doesn’t feel comfortable with the situation they can take action by leaving the company. Unfortunately the solid team has been established so that stress condition would just ruin everything, the work, the team, the environment, leaving the boss alone taking more stress.

So by this reality, you should be exactly ready and understand how to be a boss without stress.

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